oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


Notion grew into $10B company with over 30M users in 5 years.

Their secret?


1) Understanding Jobs To Be Done

During onboarding, Notion asks you about:

• The type of work you do
• Your role
• What you are planning to do with Notion

This helps them know what templates they need to show to solve the user's problems.

2) Notion makes sharing easy

They encourage you to invite teammates during onboarding.

This creates a viral loop and brings more users to the platform.

To do this, they make it easy for others to join.

You can invite via:
• email
• share a link
• having the same domain

3) Personalised Templates

Based on your Jobs to be done, Notion shows you relevant templates.

These are the templates that help users to hit their goals.

This immediately gets users to value.

They even add relevant templates to your sidebar for easy access.

4) Embedding templates into the new document experience

Whenever you create a new document, one of the first options is Templates.

Notion takes you to their Template Gallery.

They want to show the different use cases for their templates and want the user time.

5) Creator template growth loop

Notions empowers creators to build and share their own templates.

This creates more value for their existing users.

But it also creates a powerful growth loop that brings users back to the platform.

The growth loop:

1. Creators build templates on Notion
2. Creators promote templates to audience
3. New users signup to access templates

Through this, Notion drives highly activated users into the platform.

All for free.

Creators are making a living from Notion Templates:

Marie poulan made $500k from Notion Mastery

Easlo made $200k in a year.

Janelsm went from 0-$20k in 3 months with Newsletter OS

I've also earned from building Notion templates.

238+ marketers and founders have bought my growth playbook to drive traction for their startup.

You can check it out the Startup Growth Roadmap here:

6) Template led SEO

In general, Notion gets 139M monthly visits.

Around 8% comes from SEO.

The keyword Notion Templates has 110,160 monthly searches in the US alone.

Tons of traffic is driven due to templates.

Each template drives further growth back to Notion via SEO.


Notion's template driven growth:

1. Understanding Jobs to be done
2. Making it easy to share
3. Personalised Templates
4. Making Templates central to workflow
5. Template Growth Loop
6. Template-led SEO

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