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A little bit about me

Hi, I'm Theo

I'm a Head of Growth turned growth advisor to Seed/ Series A startups
Took startups to their first million users and grow to millions in revenue.
Helped to scale startups such as Republic ($1B+ valuation) and acasa (acquired)
Growth EIR at Kings College London where I've advise early stage companies and run lectures on growth strategy, customer research and startup marketing
Some ways that i've helped companies

What Founders and Marketers have said

We were testing on a number of different channels without clear direction. We had started to experiment with messaging but hadn’t figured it out.

After working together with Theo, we had a better picture of what to focus on, what messaging would work for our audience and what next steps to take.

Alex Chumbley
Co Founder, Fable -
YC W21

Theo has a great understanding of growth on both a strategic and operational level.

Theo helped set up processes, built useful playbooks and trained team members during a period of rapid growth at Republic.

Analytical, reliable and easy to work with, Theo helped improve some of our key marketing KPIs and set up a strong foundation for us to build on.

Nick Marshansky
Chief Marketing Officer - Republic

Theo helped us to define our growth strategy and the acquisition channels to focus on. Theo worked closely with our growth team and implemented a strong experiment framework, which we are now working from.

Theo’s structured approach and great energy really helped to push our team in the right direction.

Mattis Curth
Co- Founder - Artland

Theo is the rare type of marketer who blends the theory with the strategy with the execution. I learnt more in an hour with Theo than I had in the past 6 months of learning on my own. Theo has the ability to come into your business, identify a problem and put solutions in place immediately. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Theo. Work with him as fast as you can!

Kirien Sangha
Product - Meta

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Sydney / Australia
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Sam Smith
Sydney / Australia
1.1m PLAYs
Sarah Leeman
Sydney / Australia
1.1m PLAYs
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