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oNBOARDING case Studies


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oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


HelloSign were bought for $230M since.

Since then, they've been voted #1 for Ease of Use from G2Crowd, three years in a row.

Here's why:

1) Overcoming Objections Under CTA

The emphasis is on starting the trial and gives clarity on how long the trial is.

Overcoming common objections underneath is a great way to increase conversions.

2) Using time based value-propositions on the sign-up page

Reinforcing the proposition on the sign up form reminds the user why they should sign up.

Hellosign focuses on the simplicity and security of the product.

Send in minutes reassures the user the sign up process isn't long.

And showing social buttons helps with that.

3)Leveraging Value Based Pricing

Clarity of pricing is important.

Hellosign is freemium but the more value you get around use for templates, the more you paid.

They also price based on number of users and they assume value from that.

Your images should add, not subtract to the experience.

4) Using Relevant Illustrations Throughout

Make sure images and icons are useful.

And don't distract.

Hellosigns images prime or make clear what the steps the user needs to take are.

5) Intuitive Design

Hellosign was voted #1 for Ease of Use from G2Crowd because of it's intuitive interface.

They make a daunting task easy.

Mainly through simplicity.

There are 0 bells and whistles.

The interface is focused on the core action.

No distractions.

But there's no specific first time experience for new users.

Hellosign doesn’t train new users on how to use the product.

The design does the job. This works for most.

Yet, this may leave some new users a little confused

6) Progressive Disclosure to make the product simple

To keep the design minimal and focused, Hellosign uses Progressive Disclosure.

This is where more content is shown as you advance and interact more with the product.

Where there are multiple signers, new signer settings appear.

Tip: Only show what the user needs to see when they need to see it. This stops new users from feeling overwhelmed

7) Proactively Preventing Errors

Sending a contract to the wrong person or with errors isn't a great look.

So Hellosign adds a degree of friction to ensure that the user doesn't make a mistake.

It's important for a user to feel comfortable exploring a new product without fear of repercussions.

By using a confirmation screen before you send out a contract, you spare some potential blushes.

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