oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


1) Understanding Jobs to be Done

Finding out the user’s goals is key to getting them to value quicker.

2) Using Templates to help users get up to speed quicker

Templates are a huge driver of Product-led growth as they allow users to get started fast.

This document helps to show the power of Coda. It’s personalised to my department and has tons of helpful information.

3) Helpful Content based on time of year

They also show different templates based on different times of the year.

This is a great way to retain your audience.

4) Contextual Walkthroughs to learn how to use the product

Coda has created a document that explains how to use Coda. Highlights the document formats.

They also want you to play around with the product

This encourages experimentation

Free to play around

They leverage the Endowment Effect

Coda want you to play around with and experiment with the tool.

They use disarming language and want you to own, customise the product in your own way

5) Checklists to get users to take key actions

Great way to get users to complete core actions.

They combine this with the contextual walkthrough in the document

6) Cheatsheets to deepen understanding

Speeds up the learning process. Helpful for beginners or advanced users

Educating users in different ways. Also highlights power of Coda with embedded videos.

7) Tooltips that welcome and show users around

Helpful tool tips for advanced features

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