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oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


Your product must get users to value fast.

Or they will leave.

Steal these 6 tactics from Clearbit to increase activation (and get more upgrades):

1) Outline the value clearly

Clearbit is a data intelligence tool.

But its value is in getting better insights about potential customers.  

And getting a healthier pipeline.

Their next steps are to back up their claim as soon as possible.

Here's how they do this:

2) Pre-filling forms

Clearbit claims they help you convert demand.

One way they do this is by pre-filling forms for visitors with data they have on them.

This reduces friction and increases conversion.

So they do this during sign-up.

The users see the magic as they sign up


3) Interactive Sample Demo

After sign-up, they let you access their sample visitor report.

The user can interact with the product before any technical setup.

The user can quickly see how they could potentially combine company and intent data.

Real insights fast.

4) Un-gating the value

The visitor report isn't just for signed-up users.

It becomes a hugely relevant exit pop-up.

It's un-gated and accessible to anyone with the link.

Users can share it with other team members and potential buyers.

Exit Popup

Interactive Demo

Tools like Navattic & arcade_demo allow you to create product demos.

These let users interact with the product from the jump and see the value quicker.

The faster users can see the promised value of your tool, the more likely they activate and upgrade.

Don't make them wait

5) Provide contextual examples

When using their enrich record, they provide you with domain and email examples to work from.

This allows users to quickly see relevant outputs and data.

Don't make the user think.

Make it easy for them to see value.

Create prompts.

6) Example reports

They let you download the data and use it.

You can also upload data and see it visualised.

The user can get useful insights immediately.

They give a good amount of free value.

But the user can then decide to pay if they wish to get the raw data.

You can't afford to make a user wait to see the value.

Find ways for users to see your product's magic fast.

For data tools, find ways for users to access some relevant data.

This is what fast-growing cos in the space like Clearbit, Similarweb & Amplitude_HQ are doing.

6 tactics from Clearbit to get users to value fast:

1) Outline the value clearly
2) Pre-fill forms
3) Interactive Sample Demo
4) Un-gating the value
5)Provide contextual examples
6) Example reports

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