oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


oNBOARDING case Studies


Bumble has over 42 million active users.

Their product is a masterclass in copywriting and psychology.  

Here's 7 tactics they use to onboard new users (that you can too):

1) Exceptional microcopy

Bumble provides more context and disarm users on each step.

This makes the user feel more comfortable.

And allows them to make decisions that aren't always simple.

They give that extra context where required.

Empathy helps boost conversion.


2) "You" focused language

According to @tdmckinlay, using "You" in your messaging increases engagement.

Bumble talks to you.

They take you through a journey.

It's friendly and like it's there to help you.

Onboarding doesn't feel like a chore.


3) Dating Jobs To Be Done

Understanding goals and jobs in a dating app is crucial.

You need to understand what the user wants to get out of dating.

Bumble ask about jobs in a few different ways.

This helps them personalise.

Greater clarity = better matches.


4) Outline correct behaviour

Before getting into the product, they set the tone.

For how to use the product.

And how to behave.

It's a social product.  

So they make rules clear.

This helps promote the right behaviours.

It won't eliminate bad actors.

But it helps.


5) Contextual walkthrough

The walkthrough act as your mini-dating consultant.

Once you have done an action for the first time, they reinforce what that means to the user.

This educates the users on the best way to use it.

And get more matches.


6) Leverage Psychology for upgrades

They use psychology in very smart ways to get a user to upgrade.

They leverage loss aversion and FOMO to get you wondering who your match is.

You don't want to miss out on potential matches.

After all, that could your future partner.


7) Gamify building out your profile

They tell the user they're more likely to match.

And reach your goals from the app.

It gives users an incentive to fill out their profile.


Bumble has 3.3 million paying customers.

They drove $944 million in revenue from their app.

They know how to turn free users to paid ones.

These tips will help you to do the same.

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